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Creating a Prayer Schedule Best for You

Catholic speakers are great. They do so much good for the Church and the lives of the faithful. But sometimes, creating a prayer schedule for yourself with their words in mind can be very difficult.

Sometimes, Catholic speakers emphasize one prayer practice and make it seem like we must all practice that type of prayer to be holy. And, when listening to multiple speakers, this can be not very clear because there are so many different practices then that we must do to be holy. And it can lead to guilt if a particular recommended prayer practice doesn’t suit your temperament or lifestyle.

Finding the Best Way to Volunteer

Time. Talent. Treasure. Being a member of the Catholic Church has forever engrained those words in my brain. Usually, these words accompany a call for donations to the organization, instead of a conversation about the best way to volunteer.

God desires for us to be generous with our time, talent, and treasure. This generosity is called stewardship.